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MapInfoĈ CallingAreaInfoTM software maps the local calling plans available when calling out from, or into a location.

  • Examine the local calling plan for calls that originate from an Area Code (NPA) and Exchange (NXX). The software produces a map of the calling region, a database of the Area Codes and Exchanges covered by the plan, as well as respective rate information.
  • Identify and map the Exchanges that include a specific Exchange in their calling plans. If you provide dial-up access to customers and need to provide local access to as many people as possible, CallingAreaInfo can help you optimize the locations of facilities.

Features and Enhancements:
  • Calling Area Parameter Files and File Storage - Create and save parameter files for inbound and outbound analyses. Save time when re-running analyses with monthly data updates.
  • Wizard-based user interface - Specialized Wizards guide users through specifying call plan parameters.
  • Detailed output tables - The data the CallingAreaInfo generates has been broadened and improved to better facilitate the analysis.
  • Map boundaries - Newly created exchange boundaries are used to generate maps with greater accuracy and granularity than before.
  • Increased performance - Dozens of major and minor technical enhancements allow CallingAreaInfo to run more efficiently and quickly.
  • Print Preview - The Report tool now includes a print preview option to allow users to view a report before printing it.
  • Command Line Executable - A progam that can be used to bypass the user interface to generate an analysis and automate future runs.