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MapInfoĈ ExchangeInfo PLUS is designed for use by telecom service providers. It describes the organization of the local telephone exchange system and contains detailed infrastructure data.

Wire Centers are the basic unit of geography for the landline side of the telecommunications industry in the United States, describing the organization of the local telephone exchange system. Each Wire Center serves a unique set of telephone numbers within a fixed geographic area.

A comprehensive map database, ExchangeInfo PLUS contains all the key telecom infrastructure data -- including geographic and industry data on Wire Center boundaries, and Central Office and wireless switch locations. Built using over 50 million addresses, telephone tariff data, and MapInfo's proprietary technology and processes, ExchangeInfo PLUS includes every Wire Center in the United States (over 22,000), graphically displaying their service areas.

MapInfo acquires raw data at the federal, state, and local level, as well as from proprietary sources. Our specialized staff of digitizers converts raw paper maps into digital files by hand, and all information goes through rigorous quality checks at each step. This ensures the accuracy of our Wire Center borders down to the street level.

MapInfo is now shipping ExchangeInfo Plus with a single U.S. table, in addition to individual tables for each state. This U.S. tiling can help to streamline your data loading process and reduce the number of tables you need to manage.