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MapMarker∆ Plus, MapInfo's powerful geocoding tool, is the first step toward mapping and analyzing your business data - adding geographic coordinates to every record in your database. MapMarker Plus matches records against its comprehensive Address Dictionary, a database of USPS street addresses, street geometry and the latest ZIP + 4 centroids.

Enhanced by GDT data, MapMarker Plus can locate millions of addresses with street level precision. Combining an increased number of streets, with a greater number of addresses, MapMarker Plus delivers up to a 30% increase in hit rate at the street level compared to the standard MapMarker. MapMarker Plus gives you greater control, while spatially enabling your data.

MapMarker Plus is ideal for:

  • Geocoding large tables in batch mode for fast results (geocode up to 600,000 records per hour)
  • Geocoding interactively through friendly user interface (you make the final decision if there is a match) to maximize the number of matches and to control error rate
  • Geocoding to street addresses or ZIP Code Centroids
  • Identifying result codes by the type of match to tell at a glance the street address matches from the ZIP Code Centroid matches
  • Standardizing addresses to meet USPS CASS requirements
  • Geocoding remote tables via ODBC
  • Visualizing information, such as customers, competitors, and store locations


NEW! Airport Geocoding - you now have the ability to geocode airports using the abbreviated airport code (for example LAX for Los Angeles)

Address Dictionary - Data based on three sources of address and geographic information:
  • Address data from the US Postal Service (USPS) (updated quarterly)
  • ZIP + 4 Address data from the US Postal Service (updated quarterly)
  • Street Geometry and related information from GDT's Dynamap/2000 file (updated 4 times/year)
  • ZIP + 4 centroids from GDT (updated quarterly)
Enhanced!! Custom Address Dictionary - Now users can associate multiple cities to a single ZIPCode. Override or extend the address information provided in the Address Matching Dictionary with a MapInfo table containing your own spatial information.

US Postal Service Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) Certification - Meets the USPS CASS 2001/2002 requirements for address standardization.

Street-Level Matching - Attempts to match your address records containing street-style addresses against a search table of addresses and geographic (longitude and latitude) coordinates.

Display Streets - Ships with a street display layer for use with the geography you purchase. Customers requiring quality presentation street display are encouraged to purchase StreetPro

Single Address or Batch Geocoding- You have a choice of geocoding one address at a time or batch geocoding for processing one or more tables without constant user interaction.

Candidate Visualization - See where potential matches fall on a map before selecting a candidate.

Writing Georesults to Another Table - This gives you the ability to geocode a remote database table and write the results to a related remote table.

Automatic and Interactive Geocoding - MapMarker Plus runs in both automatic and interactive mode. Automatic mode may be used on the first pass to geocode most of the table. For unmatched records, interactive mode may be used to individually choose the best match from a list of suggestions.

Product Configurations
  • Desktop - Purchase for use on a single computer for geocoding nationwide, within a six-state region, or for an individual state. Multi-user pricing is available for deployment to multiple named users within a single organization.

  • Server - Using industry standard RPC, MapMarker and MapMarker Plus can be deployed more efficiently as a Windows NT service or Windows 95/98 console application - handling multiple requests from multiple clients for real time geocoding.

  • OCX/Active X - Use object oriented languages to embed geocoding in mapping applications. The OCX/Active X is included in MapMarker Plus as well as the standard MapMarker product.

  • MapMarker Plus for UNIX - Server based solution for customers implementing MapMarker Plus on a Sun Solaris or HP/UX operating system (version 11). Customers create their own client user interface to provide geocoding via the APIs provided.

  • MapMarker J Server - A Java-based development tool for creating applications that send geocoding requests to the MapMarker engine. It accesses MapMarker either across the Internet via HTTP or through TCP/IP on a corporate intranet. MapMarker J Server enables geocoding from within the MapInfo Geocoding Cartridge, MapXtreme Java solutions, and custom developed applications. The product includes the Java API for building a geocoding client and a sample client application. MapMarker J Server supercedes MapMarker for MapXtreme Java Edition.

  • MapInfo Geocoding DataBlade Module - Match addresses and store latitude and longitude coordinates with the addresses in your database. It extends the capabilities of the Informix Universal Server database management system by adding a new geographical location data type and three routines that provide the geocoding functionality.

  • MapInfo Geocoding Cartridge for Oracle8i - A Java-based tool enabling interaction with MapMarker's powerful geocoding engine from within an Oracle8i database. The cartridge adds geographic coordinates to address records in a customer's database by matching them against the MapMarker Plus address dictionary. The MapInfo Geocoding Cartridge uses the MapMarker J Server to communicate with the MapMarker geocoding engine. Address records may be geocoded individually or an entire table may be geocoded using functions and procedures provided with the MapInfo Geocoding Cartridge.  This product is certified to work with Oracle versions 8.1.5, 8.1.6, and 8.1.7.

  • MapMarker∆ ESP for Microsoft∆ SQL Server - Now users of SQL Server databases can take advantage of MapMarker's geocoding function. MapMarker∆ ESP (Extended Stored Procedures) enables geocoding calls to be implemented on a 'trigger' action, allowing automatic location updating of database address information. Geocoding can be done directly in the database instead of excerpting tables from database, geocoding them and inserting the tables back into the database.