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MapInfo MapX∆ is a cost effective, robust ActiveX component that is easily integrated into business applications using standard visual programming tools. MapInfo MapX enables you to add mapping functionality to any application, offering a highly visual way to display and analyze location-based data to better serve customers, make better decsions, and manage assets and operations more effectively.

Standard Languages are used to integrate MapInfo MapX including Visual Basic∆, Visual C++∆, Delphi∆, Powerbuilder∆, and Oracle Express Objects∆.

True Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) for fast application development.

Robust Mapping Functionality including map viewing, map manipulation, and thematic mapping functions.

Oracle 8i∆ Spatial full read/write support. Click here for more info on Oracle 8i

Binding of Data to Oracle Express Objects.

User Controls including zoom, pan, identify, distance measurements, and layer control.

Select Data by radius, rectangle and polygon.

Integration with MapInfo SpatialWare∆ DB2 Extender.

Maps & Data packaged with an extensive set of worldwide maps and data.

Click here to view a PDF of MapX