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CAI works closely with our customers to identify precise requirements for raster data: resolution, area of interest, and vintage. Given the specific data requirements defined by our customers, we work with our network of suppliers around the world to find the best data available. Factors that are taken into account include turnaround time, quality, vintage and price.

Data types available include Elevation and LULC (clutter). Data is available in several formats including DEM, GeoTIFF, Vertical Mapper/deciBel Planner GRD and others.

Data sources include off-the-shelf satellite imagery and orthophotography, as well as fly-on-demand aerial photography. Each of these sources can be delivered in raw format in addition to the formats listed above (DEM, etc.)

Quality, up to date raster data is critical for many applications. With CAI as your provider, you are assured of quality data at a competitive price.