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MapInfo's powerful Java based Internet mapping server for broad deployment of mapping applications.

MapInfo MapXtreme Java Edition is ideal for Internet deployment of applications. With a simple click, customers can see their wireless coverage area, find the closest drug store or get driving directions to their next sales calls. And network engineers can visually spot disruptions in their network - automatically notifying customers of service outages.

Lower costs. Raise expectations.
Applications running on a managed server network offer huge economies of scale - lowering hardware and administrative costs - while dramatically improving application performance, reliability and security. Companies who once found mapping costs prohibitive can now offer it at lower cost per user than ever before.

Many organizations using spatial-analysis applications have mixed-hardware environments, or prefer UNIX servers for scalability, performance and reliability. With Java on the server-side, existing UNIX or Windows NT resources can be used. It is integrated with Oracle and can run on any application server, web server, or browser.

Highly Scalable
For many organizations, spatial analysis is mission-critical. Mapping applications need to perform well and support all users accessing the Internet or from a corporate intranet. MapXtreme Java, designed from the ground-up as a server, is component-based, reliable and multi-threaded for high performance. It leverages the ubiquity and scalability of the Internet enabling customers to deploy mapping in critical applications cost-effectively - throughout the organization.

Write Once, Run Anywhere
When developed using a Java development environment, MapXtreme Java applications can be migrated and reused regardless of future hardware or platform choices.

Fast Application Prototyping/Deployment
To help users get up and running as fast as possible, MapXtreme includes a commercial Internet Development Environment and Application Server (HAHTsite), as well as pre-built sample applications for Java servlet environments. It is compatible with all Web servers/browsers and there are no proprietary plug-ins.

MapXtreme boasts many new server features and technical innovations using Java - not available with any other application server - inside or outside of the spatial market.

MapXtreme is also available in a Windows NT version.

Click here for a PDF on MapXtreme Java.